Wednesday, February 2, 2011

F.T. Island wishes a Happy Lunar New Year!

F.T. Island would like to wish their fans a happy Lunar New Year!
Considering how maknaes Choi Min Hwan and Song Seung Hyun are becoming adults this year, the group plans to show a more mature image in 2011. F.T. Island has also declared that they want to focus more on their Korean activities as well.

Seung Hyun expressed, “Since October of last year, we have been focusing on overseas activities, and while we are still promoting overseas, we want to establish ourselves as a ‘Korean band’.
Lee Jae Jin said, ‘Last year, we had a major debut in Japan and enjoyed a big success; we would like to have large scale concerts in Korea and overseas too.
The members also voiced their individual goals for 2011. Lee Hong Ki said, ‘I want to change this up-and-down atmosphere.

Jae Jin commented, “I still get the ‘he’s like a kid’ comment a lot, and I want to be seen as a man. Whenever I get a chance, I work out.

Choi Jong Hoon expressed, ‘I hope my confidence will increase‘, while Min Hwan truthfully confessed, ‘I hope I will earn a lot of money.

Full Credit : Allkpop


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