Tuesday, May 17, 2011

[110516] Fake Pops in Seoul - POST OFFICE?!

Center Post Office at Yogyakarta
Eli, Jokwon, Xander, and Isak did a lot of embarrassing things at the postoffice

Today is Monday and we realized that it is May 16th. The due date is almost come. “We have no time!!! Let’s move!” Jokwon said. Yeah well, it’s about ANT Blog Competition.
Today was a huge day for our seniors, because the result of national examination were announced, so we went home early, but as grade XI students, we need to attend a TOEFL Preparation class. But we thought that if we’d attended the class till it’s over, we would have no more time.

Well, you know, we skipped an English class today because we need to prepare a lot of letters we will send to some schools in Yogyakarta, so they can join our competition. Then, we also need to send them off today, because tomorrow is Waisak, the post office will be closed.
After finishing the letters, we went to Mie Ayam Pak Kliwon to have lunch, but we need to join the TOEFL class. After about an hour joining the class, we asked the teacher to skip the left time, because we need to go to the post office.

Well, actually we could leave the class successfully, and went to the post office. At the post office WE DID NOT KNOW WHAT WE HAVE TO DO, HOW TO SEND A LETTER, WHERE WE HAVE TO QUEUE, etc…  (We didn’t have any experience about sending a letter) But fortunately, the guard helped us so much, he told us a lot. So decided to queue… (just Jokwon and Isak. Eli and Xander sat at the bench. They played by sending text, talking about Captain of Division 12 in Bleach, because people in front of Jokwon and Isak wears the jacket…)

After queuing a while… finally it was our turn! Hehehe…

Officer    : Good afternoon, may I help you?
Eli    : Yes, we want to send these letters…
Officer    : Oh! How much are those?
Eli    : About 40… but I’m not sure…
Officer    : Well, these are 38 letters
Xander    : How much?
Officer    : Rp 4,000 per letter
Eli    : Wuah, so we need to pay for…
Officer    : Rp 152,000
Eli    : Xander, I just bring for about Rp 140,000
Xander    : Eh, I don’t have any money
Isak    : me too
Jokwon    : At your car… how’s?
Eli    : Em, excuse me, if… em… we’ll take more money, so can you wait for a while?
Officer    : But sorry, we’re already closed…
Eli    : Just a while… please? Jokwon, can you find the car and bring your money here?
Jokwon    : eh, where’s the car?
Eli    : I don’t know, I can’t phone the driver… just find it
Jokwon    : okay, isak… please accompany me…

Isak and Jokwon went out the post office and found the car… they brought some money, so we can purchase all of them

Suddenly, the guard asked the officer…
Guard    : Ms. ELI, is there any stamp duty?
Officer    : We don’t have any more…
WAIT! He called her … ELI?!...

She is ms. Eli, the officer who type so fast
Waiting for data entry were so long… we played and did some embarrassing things…

Finally, all of the data have been transferred!
Officer    : Thanks… and this is… Rp 154.000,00 (giving us the payment proof)
Eli    : Eh, thanks..and this is… what for?
Officer    : Oh, that’s for you…
Xander    : HEH! Ih, you don’t know? Ih ih?
Eli    : Shut up boy! Heh~ you also don't know about this, right?
Xander    : Heh, heh, heh!~

We went home… but, after going out of the post office, there were stairs, and ELI FELL! GYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Well, that’s all about our weird experience at the post office today. Please do more polite and cooler while you at a post office don’t do something weird as they did.

And today’s song is…

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