Wednesday, May 11, 2011

[Chef] Israel & Palestine Cuisine Part. 1

Hi, this is Fake Eli! Long time no see! Well, I got sick since Sunday, but today I feel much better… so I can post an article again! Yesterday, my mom just went back from The Holy Land, I mean Israel and Palestine includes Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Jordan, dll for her business trip. Em, actually it was also a tour. I haven’t heard too much about places my mom visited, but the first thing I asked to her was the food photos for ANTeladan’s Fake Chef! Hahahaha… Well, I got some pictures of them but you know, my mom didn’t put much attention to the food so she cannot remember the name, sorry. So I just wanna show you the pics, and don’t ask me about the taste because I haven’t taste them yet. Well, maybe if you had taste those food, please share the taste with us! Hehehe.. Thanks!

One of them is Fake Eli's mom


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