Wednesday, May 11, 2011

PIGBANG is back?

WOW! I didn’t write any wrong word! It’s PIGBANG, not BIGBANG!
What’s PIGBANG actually?

Hehehe, you know that in Japan, BigBang is really popular, remember while BIGBANG came back to Japan, a T-shirt company sold the BigBang T-shirt out just in minutes after releasing.
And now, 5 Japanese comedians are joining into a group of 5 named PIGBANG which is parodying BIGBANG’s Tonight. They are Hiking Walking’s Suzuki Q-Taro, NON STYLE’s Inoue Yusuke, Football Hour’s Iwao Nozomu, Joyman’s Takagi Shinya, and Nankai Candies’ Yama-chan. They also in the same pose as BIGBANG’s newest poster.
Their parody poster was also showed in Tokyo Subways.



Well, the latest news I heard that they also surprise BIGBANG’s fans in Shibuya. If you haven’t watched their video, check this out!


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