Thursday, May 5, 2011

It’s Time for Individual Action

Topic : Individual must be responsible for the Global Warming problem
It’s Time for Individual Action
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Unstable temperature, climate change, flood and weather disasters, heat waves, drought, fires, dengue, malaria, those are the big problem we face these days. A lot of people are suffering because of the effects which are posed by these days earth’s condition. Well, finally we found that ‘Global Warming’ is the biggest problem we must solve as soon as possible. It has generated a lot of disasters on this earth. It’s breaking the barrier of earth and let the UV reach the earth without any filtration as well. Whilst human are doing their bad daily activities without understanding about what they do, the earth is continuously broke. Government in every country has routinely campaigning about ‘to Stop Global Warming’, but the effects are not too seen. Only less than half of citizens are realize that it’s time for saving our home. But they can’t do anything if the others are still doing their future-killing activities. As the students who want to have a bright future and also the bright future house, we should take an action to save the earth. We don’t need to massive campaign it, we can start from, our daily life. We take this as the individual action to have a better quality of life. Those are some good activities for helping to heal the earth followed some reasons.

Firstly, our individual action would decrease even it’s too small effect, but we also can teach to our families, friends, etc to do the same one. Well, let me give some examples. This one is the simplest thing, ‘turn the light off while you are not using it’. Well, not only the lamps do the same way to your TV, Radio, PC, notebook, and so on. These one is simple but the effects are not simple at all. You just need to ask them to do the same way as you did.  Going to school by bike would be the one decreasing global warming effects.
We also can do the 3R includes Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce. Using a lot of recycle things isn’t a bad one, even it’s good one. Using your creativity to make equipments you need from things you’ve used before. I’ve seen once on TV, about a boy who made all of his house’s furniture from unused boxes. What an amazing man! Also, do not use everything excessively, use as much as you need, it’d help.
Secondly, probably we can inspire people who have not aware about global warming. They will change their bad habits, who knows?

One day, you see that you neighbor is washing his motorcycle. After spurting water, he rubs the car with the soap, but he doesn’t close the valve and the water is flowing out wasted.  Well, on this condition, you can tell your neighbor and ask him to close the valve.
Thirdly, we can help the government to campaign it, i.e. we write what we’ve done to save the earth and also about our individual action in internet, a lot of people would read and aware. It’s really helpful.
These days, internet is the one that we can find every time and everywhere. For teenagers, especially, writing some articles and posting it on blogs or websites, and it’s all is free, is becoming a popular one. Why do we utilize this chance for saving the earth? Well, just writing about what you think about global warming or what do we need to save the earth, or how to become a fighter of earth, etc. People around the world will read your articles and it’s still possible to change their mind to have a better daily life without doing any killing-activities.

For those reasons, I think the individual actions for saving earth are really needed. Even a lot people have not aware about this global warming, at least we’ve take a part of stop global warming campaign because somehow it’s only thing we can do this time.

article by: Fake_Eli
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