Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fake Eli Attended his old Friend’s birthday party

Hi! Long time no see! I’m your lovely MC standing here to report news about our ANT’s members.
Today, we got news an info that Fake Eli was invited to his old friend’s birthday party, well, is he really coming to the party? How’s the party going? We’ll stop Fake Eli and interview him! Follow me!

(CROWDED… MC is trying to stop Fake ELI)

MC     : Eli! Wait!
Eli    : Ah, you. What’s up?
MC    : Where did you go?
Eli    : Em? I’m just coming back from my friend’s birthday party, Mellisa…
MC    : Eh? What kind of friend?
Eli    : Em, we’re in the same class for 6 years while in elementary school. We’re always together, but right now, we don’t, because we are studying in different school.
MC    : Ou, that’s great. So, what about the party?
Eli    : Well,  I met some of my old friends, such as Aan, Rossa, Danella, Grazia, Erlin, Felix, Bhian, Jessica, etc. Hehe, I think I’m the one who chose a different way for studying. They’re studying in Stella Duce and John De Britto High School, but I was chose a state high school. Ah, we missed a friend, Disa. She’s in US right now for studying, so she cannot come… But the party was really fun!

MC    : Ou, great! Is there any… em.. Something made you surprise?
 Eli    : Ehehehe, yeah. Mellisa, today she changes her hairstyle, color it, also she was in a make up action! Gyahaha… reminding me at harajuku style… but she was really really cool!
MC    : Really? How amazing it is! Well, thanks for your time, see ya!
Guys, so Eli attended to the party and he said that the party was fun! If you have your birthday party, don’t forget to invite ANTeladan, okay? Hehehe…


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