Friday, May 20, 2011

City Life 2008 - ANT City Gallery Part 01

Hello everybody! I’m your MC, but in today’s post, I won’t interview anyone!
Today is really special because we well discuss about Fake Eli’s favorite PC Game!!! Applause…

Well, what game is it?
You know, he really loves playing games, not only PC but also Playstation, etc. But, because the easier thing he can use to play is PC, so we’ll discuss about his favorite PC games!
I found that he loves playing CITY LIFE 2008!!! (yeeeyy….applause)

Well, what kind is it? City Life 2008 is a game for building a city. At the first, you’ll be given some money and you can use it to build some houses, apartments, supermarkets, malls, gyms, casinos, hotels, etc even airports. But, you cannot build them all at the same time because you need a lot of money. Don’t worry! We can earn some money from our citizens.

Well, as the first step, just build some houses and near them, you can build a mini-market, a school, a clinic, a restaurant, and don’t forget to build some parks. Some new citizens will come to your city and decided to live there. Make them success in life, help them to get a job. You can build some business buildings.

They also have some status for the citizens, from the poorest till the luxurious one. You need to build some police stations and fire-fighter to protect you city from fire and make your city is going on peacefully.  Well, those are just some review about the game, you can look for more information on internet. Here, we will show you some photos of Fake_Eli’s city:

ANT city bird view in night

Huge ways with huge buildings

It's near the beach

Classic Street

The edge

Huge ways

Elite citizens walking in city

Full of apartments and modern buildings

City view from a big flying bridge

Night views

Colosseum and a luxury hotel

Look at that views!

Port for cruises

We have 18 ways

Night Life

Hotels and Entertainments

You can also play the game and let’s share our pictures!
pictures: Fake Eli, City Life 2008


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