Sunday, May 29, 2011

D**Zz SHOP! Pink is Everything~

MC : Hi! I’m MC! We’re back again on ANTeladan TV! Today, I wanna ask Fake_Kevin about something they did in class during school time! Hi, Kevin, how’re you?

Fake_Kevin: Yes, Kind of fine. You?

MC : Well, me too. Kevin, could you tell us about what you guys did during the school time?

Fake Kevin: Oh, this week, one of our interesting things in class…

Tuesday last week, Fake U-Kiss and Isak had an English Class with Mr. M. We must give some speech about some theme we chose a week before. Well, but four of us had done the speech and we didn’t have any spirits to give attention for our teacher because tired of school (EH??!! Just kidding)
Then, we cannot remember how it can be, but we collected all of PINK things in class and arranged them all on Eli’s table (victim!!). You know, person who brought a lot of PINK things is ALEXANDER!!!
Then then, we took some photos of our new SHOP! D**Zz SHOP which gave 10% Discount for members and you can get 3 things for just paying $ 10. It was fun! Other friends also lent us their PINK things and I think it was so so interesting!

MC : Wuah, great! You know, I don’t know how to save your eyes from those things guys?

Fake_Kevin: Hehe… I don’t know…

MC : Okay, thanks for sharing! Viewers, don’t cry because I’m not a BAD GIRL, BEAST!

TODAY's SONG: BAD GIRL of BEAST (Japanese Version) -[ihoneyjoo]-


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