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Yogyakarta's Traditional Catholic Church, GANJURAN TEMPLE, seeing Jesus in Javanese Face

Ganjuran Church
Ganjuran Temple
Indonesia has a lot of temples, some of them even so famous in the world, such as Borobudur, Prambanan, etc. Usually, temples are symbol or sign built by Buddhists or Hindu and It’s used for ceremony also praying. But, Yogyakarta (one of Indonesia’s province) has a special temple besides Prambanan. Located in Bantul, this temple lays besides a traditional church. It’s GANJURAN TEMPLE.

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Gereja Hati Kudus Yesus Ganjuran better known as Ganjuran Temple. Is one of the different churches in Yogyakarta. At this church you will see that The Javanese culture is very strong. To go to this place you could use your private vehicle or public transportation, located approximately 20 kilometer from the city center. The green expanse of rice fields and pine trees will greet when you entered the village of Ganjuran.
The Church area was built in 1924 on the initiative of two brothers of Dutch. They are   Joseph Smutzer dan Julius Smutzer. In 1927, the church completed with a temple called Candi Hati Kudus Tuhan Yesus  or Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Walking around the church you will see that the architecture was designed with a mix of European, Hindu and Javanese styles. European-style can be found on the shape of the cross, while the Javanese style can be seen on the roof of the church. The roof is supported by four pillars, representing the four Gospel writers, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

After you finished inside the church, you can also pray in the yard of the temple. You can take The Holy Water first. Some people called it as Perwitasari. It's located around the temple. The water flow was always heavy and never dry even though in the dry season. The local believed that it can health various diseases. Prepare from home for a few bottles, you can bring the holy water to go home. Place the bottle in front of the temple, then you can sit in front of the temple to pray. The procession ended with a worship into the temple and say a prayer in front of a statue of Jesus. Inside the temple is placed a statue of Jesus who was sitting cross-legged with Javanese custom oversized clothing.

Before leaving try take a chit chat with the local to find out the history of the Ganjuran Temple. Ganjuran own name associated with the love story of Ki Ageng Mangir and Rara Pembayun who was exiled by Mataram. Love story of two people, who later inspired the creation of song or tembang in the Java language with the title of Kala Ganjur, which means that basic human straps in living life together based on love. From a song of the village changed to Ganjuran. (Placidia Ratih)

Not only for Catholics, a lot of people come from other religions also visit Ganjuran for touring because Ganjuran is so calm and beautiful. Not only the building, while we attend to the Eucharist, will we feel something different because they always use Javanese style songs (Gendhing-played with Gamelan) to praise God. You know, while you stand in front of the temple, you'll arranged trees that will make you felt like in Twilight movie!
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There is a sculpture of Jesus in Javanese Style
Javanese Style Church

Jalan salib - Commemorate suffering of Jesus Christ


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