Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kpop Artists -Super Junior, Girls' Day, The Boss, X5, Park Jung Min- Pound Indonesia!

LAST NIGHT! Indonesia, focused JAKARTA was shaken by SUPER JUNIOR, GIRL’s DAY, THE BOSS, X5, and PARK JUNG MIN! Organized by WProduction, Indonesian Kpop fans’ whishes have been granted!

On KIMCHI, KOREAN IDOLS MUSIC CONCERT HOSTED IN INDONESIA, some Kpop artists made Indonesian fans feel ecstatic! On a swarm’ shouts, they showed their best performance.
The concert was so rousing from the beginning until it was ended.

I think Indonesian E.L.F. were the most exuberant because they’ve felt so regret after knowing some news that Super Junior had several time failed to come to Indonesia and last night, finally they came! They brings some their hits song with 2 more members from SUJU M. Unfortunately, Shiwon couldn’t come to Indonesia because of his drama schedule. But he sent a video message to Indonesian fans that he loves them all, even he said that in Indonesian. Check this video out!

Shiwon also sent a message to Agnes Monica and asked her to tell Indonesia fans that actually he really wanted to come to Indonesia.

Super Junior brought some hit song, such as Bonamana, Perfection, No Other, etc.
Indeed, Super Junior is the one who made Indonesian fans became hot and hot… but the others performances also so amazing! Photos are taken from with FULL CREDIT, also the videos are taken from youtube.

SHIWON's Video Message for Indonesian ELF

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