Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fake Pops in Seoul is Visiting Universitas Gadjah Mada Part 1

Hi everyone! I’m Eli and I’m reporting live on the spot!
Today, the second generation of All Nation Teenagers will visit Universitas Gadjah Mada Yogyakarta. We want to know more about campus life and also the faculties. Well, today Fake Pops in Seoul member will be separated into some faculties. I’m gonna interview others here, so follow me guys!

Eli : OuH! Finding you! Hi, Jokwon annyeong!
Jokwon : Eli! Annyeong!
Eli : Em, what faculty you’ll visit today?
Jokwon : Em, Technique
Eli : WOW! Amazing! Can I know why?
Jokwon : Yes, em, I just wanna be a architect or interior designer, you see
Eli : Wow great! OK, thank you, hyung. Guys, we’ve just interviewed Jokwon, and he gonna go to the Technique Faculty. Don’t leave me because I’ve just found another one… Hey! Nickkhun!

Nickkhun : Hey, you!
Eli : Yo! Sawadikaapp~ hehehe. Well, what faculty you’ll visit today?
Nickkhun : Em… Medicine
Eli : HOWOOW! So, you’re gonna be a doctor?
Nickkhun : E.. you’ll see in the future..
Eli : Hehe, Okay! Ah! Alexander and Kevin! Chotto matte kudasai!
Kevin : Hi, Eli!
Alexander : Hey, you! What’s up?!
Eli : Hi you two! Hey, anyway, what faculty you’ll visit today?
Kevin : Pharmacy!
Alexander : Medicine…
Eli : WOOW! Great!
Jokwon : Eh, so what bout you?
Eli : I’m gonan visit the Economic and Business Faculty… that’s my 3rd choice actually, but I think I’ll enjoy it… Anyway, where’s Isak?
Alexander : Don’t know..
Eli : Hwa.. do you know what faculty she’s goin to visit?
Kevin : Same with me…
Eli : Hoo.. Great! So friends, have a nice time!
All : You too…

Well, readers, besides them, there’s Fake Megan Fox who’ll visit Destistry. I’ll continue my report later from the faculty of Economic and Business. Stay tune on ANTeladan TV!


I got pharmacy, the last choice :hammer:

thats a good faculty as well... fighting!

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