Wednesday, March 30, 2011

[Chef] Wagyu Steak with mesh-potato by R&B Restaurant

Well, this is one of my favorites food, but I can't eat it anytime I want because I have to spend almost half of million rupiahs to get this food. Before I explain you about how the taste could kill you, I'm gonna tell you about R&B Restaurant.

R&B Grill - Indoguna Meatshop & Grocery
We provide Wagyu beef, Black Angus beef, US beef,
Australian beef, lamb chop, sausages, pasta, cold cuts, assorted cheese, seafoods, dairy products, breakfast items, organic vegetables and outside catering.
R&B Grill Reservation
Telp. (0274) 563 617
Indoguna Meatshop & Grocery
Telp. (0274) 563 617
Fax. (0274) 563 649
Jl. R.W. Monginsidi 37 Jogjakarta (

Well, R&B is not only restaurant but also meat shop. You can find various meat, vegetables, salad, and the sauces & mayonnaise. You can find a lot of import food products as well. They also sell BEN&JERRY's Ice Cream which is VERY VERY DELICIOUS!
All right, going to our main dish... WAGYU STEAK with Mesh Potato and Vegetable Salad. This is the most expensive steak you'll find on R&B. Well, I always ask them to cook it well done, but it depends on you. This steak is really special because it has no any lard which is so bad for health. It is served with potato and vegetables salad (w/ optional dresses). You also can choose the potato as usual.
No need to wait for a long time, waitress will serve it hot plate as soon as possible. While cutting the first piece, you'll get the fantasy how luscious it is!

Eating the meat will make you feel so amazing! The special extraordinary sauce will wrap your tongue and bring it to heaven of taste! Well, don't forget to eat the potatoes and salad!
If you have not try it, come to the restaurant, order, and enjoy your meal!


The Wagyu looks very nice!

yes sure... that's why i love it you see

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