Wednesday, March 30, 2011

1TYM's Without You versus SM*SH's I Heart You

SM*SH (Seven Man As Seven Heroes), an Indonesia booming boyband had debute with their hit song, I Heart U. A while after debuting, two opposite sides came up to support and reject them. Their fans, known as SM*SH Blast always keep support on their idol. What about ANTI-SM*SH? They always get reasons to degrade them, sometimes about plagiarism, not creative, and so on.
Well, this post just wanna show about something that our staff found (this issue actually had became trending on sites) A song just found, A Korean Group, 1TYM from YG Family, they released their song titled WITHOUT YOU in 2003. "This song is too similiar with SM*SH's I Heart U", almost all people who had heard said. They added, "From the beginning, verse, will remider us with I Heart U". What you guys think? If you have not heard it, DOWNLOAD THE SONG (1TYM's Without You) HERE (via mediafire, cre:sana), and DOWNLOAD (SM*SH's I Heart U) HERE (via 4shared, cre:bieholic) . Then give some comments!

1TYM - Without You

SM*SH - I Heart U
video cre: youtube


plagiarism of SM*SH is a shame! not only the song but also their video clip similar with No Other of Super Junior (Korean Boy Band)..not to mentions their dances....

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