Thursday, March 31, 2011

[Chef] Soto Sulung Malabar

SOTO is one of Indonesian Cuisines. Commonly, it's looked a yellow limpid soup with some cuts of cabbage and sometimes we would fine carrot as well. Indonesia is too wide to have just one variety of Soto. Almost in every region has it owns style of Soto. What I would tell is Soto Sulung which is made by Madurans (An island above Java). This is my favorite one, SOTO SULUNG MALABAR. It is soooo DELICIOUS! Actually it's a simple soto, with pieces of meat, and a boiled egg.They serve separate between the soto and the rice.

Soto Sulung Bride... :D
If you wanna try their unforgettable taste, go to Jalan Wates YOGYAKARTA, it lays on besides a plastic shop, it facing the north. For more information:


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