Saturday, April 2, 2011

VOTE U-Kiss at M!Countdown

Well, this one is a good news for U-Kiss and KissMes. U-Kiss with their 0330 has reach the 2nd position at M!Countdown. This is a good opportunity for them to be a WINNER! They always imagine while the MCs give them a bouquet after mentioning "U-KISS" as the WINNER of the day. They need little more votes to win, so keep support and VOTE! (Vote once a day! until april 4)

If you don't have any account on M!net, here the tutorial:

Here’s the tutorial for making an account at Mnet:


if you can't see the authentication email of Mnet, try to look in your spam folder in your email.

after signing up, Log in

then go to this link:

Vote for UKISS~ (click 0330-Ukiss)
then click the pink button below.
then your done!
Vote once a day! until april 4. thanks!

U-Kiss is still in the 2nd, VOTE for them NOW!!


aaah ive been voting since friday, and the last time i voted, which was today u-kiss was #1, im really hoping it stayed like that

good job kissmes!! The boys are #1!!! even not too far from the runner up~

Is anyone else having an issue where the nationality and date of birth isn't showing up when you fill in your information?

the authentication isnt sending either. awww what to do

Yeah same the nationality and date of birth doesnt show

yeah it won't let me send the email certification thing

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