Friday, April 8, 2011

Fake U-Kiss+Fake Isak are captived on Matsushita Yuya and Keizoku 2!

This is a special report from ANTeladan TV which has not appeared for a long time... we have a special news after interviewing our Fake U-Kiss and Fake Isak&Jokwon today. Actually, we wanted to ask about the 5th Mini Album of U-Kiss and also about their current activity.

About U-Kiss' 5th Mini Album
MC : “Hello everyone! Annyeonghaseyo! O genki desu ka?
All : “Hi, we hen hou. Xie xie”
Kevin : “Hi, MC, I think it has few months we didn’t see you nose. What happened?
MC : “Ah, ya.. that’s… em… our ANTeladan TV were very busy, so we couldn’t do any interview… but we are always monitoring you guys, so don’t worry”
Alexander : “What? I don’t want you to monitor us! Get away!”
MC : “Ah, haha wait, but you’re artists”
Isak : “We’re fake, please remember that thing even when you are buried”
MC : “AH! I’m sorry! Hahaha, well, today, we had made a promise to have an interview, so you guys cannot go anywhere”
Eli : “Well, okay. Do it fast”
MC : “Em, why did you guys looked … em… bad mood? What happened?
Jokwon : “Hahahaha, we are trying to fun ourselves. You know, it’s just because our school, I mean the marks we got”
MC : “Ah, I see. Okay, the first question. You should know about U-Kiss Comeback on March 30th, right? With their Bran New Kiss, their new members, and also their new leader. What do you guys think about this?”
Kevin : “Well, I’m quiet excited with their comeback. Their voices are better, also they appeared with something new, no, a lot of new things has coming up from their comeback. But I have not listened all of their songs, I cannot give more comment for this”
Alexander : “I don’t like their song”
MC : “WHY?? WHY?? Is that because Alexander had left?
Alexander : “Yeah, that’s the first reason. But I don’t know, I don’t like the song”
MC : “AH, Okay. Well, how about you, Eli?”
Eli : “I love their songs! I found something interesting from their comeback, songs, and performances as well. I like all of their 5th mini album’s songs, includes It’s Time, 0330, I don’t understand, etc. I also participated to vote them on M!Countdown last week, and thanks God, their got the #1”
MC : “Wow, you guys, have various comments, well, how about you, Isak and Jokwon?”
Isak : “Don’t ask me about Kpop, please haha”
Jokwon : “Em, since I’m in all of fandom, I think their song, 0330 is quiet interesting, maybe I start to like that song”

What are you listening to?
Matsushita Yuya

MC : “Well, the second question. I think this is quiet interesting. Em, What are you doing?”
All : “EHH???!!”
MC : “Yea, I mean, maybe prepare an album? Or maybe you are in midst of tests? Or what movie and music you watch and listen to?”
Jokwon : “SHINee has not released any songs, so I just listen to songs that they gave to me”.
Eli : “I’m listening to Bran New Kiss… and… Matsushita Yuya!! Also watching Keizoku and Akuma no Game”
Alexander : “YAY!! Matsushita Yuya!! Keizoku 2 and Akuma no Game!!”
Isak :
“He’s so great! Matsushita Yuya! Hehe…Kamiki is appeared on Keizoku with such a unique SPEC!!”
Kevin : “Really, I like Keizoku!”
MC : “Waa… is that so great singer and dorama?”
Eli, Isak, Xander, Kevin : “Of course!!”
MC : “Ah, well, well. I think Jokwon is too busy to watch any dorama like you guys… ckckck”
Jokwon : “Yes, I am.They have a lot of leisure times!”
MC : “Well, how about your plan to hold a blog competition?”
Jokwon : “Yes, we gonna hold a blog competition. But it still in pending, we gonna announce it soon, so keep support ANTeladan. Thanks!”
MC : “Indeed! Okay, well, thanks for today’s interview, we will always support you guys and also ANTeladan! If you don't know about Matsushita Yuya or Keizoku 2, please click the links below. Ja, mata ne!”


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