Thursday, April 21, 2011

[J-Dorama Talk] JIN Season 2

Hi, this is Fake Eli. Well, it's been a while since the latest post. I've just came back from a business trip to Jakarta (capital city of Indonesia). actually, I wanna post this one for days ago, but I didn't allowed to have any connection in my hotel room (I have to pay Rp more than 200 rupiahs for 24 hours usage).
This is the one that I've been waiting for such a long time~

J-Dorama JIN Season 2!!
(*keep applause*wishtle*)

Well, maybe some of you have not know about this dorama. I'll give you some summary of the first season. Are You Ready? --Summary of the 1st Season--
Minakata JIN, a brain surgeon who hasn't did any OP since his fault during operated his fiancee. One day, he was in duty time, and a man with seriously injured must be operated as soon as possible. He actually has a tumor in his brain. Jin is the only brain-surgeon at those time, and he must do the OP. Surprisingly, the tumor which found in the man's brain was just like a embryo.
A few days after OP, the man was trying to run with the tumor. He said he must back to the world (no one knows what the meaning), but while Jin was trying to catch the man, he slipped with the tumor and fell. He thought that he has died. But when he woke up, he has a battle of samurai in front of his eyes. He thought that it was a film-making but finally he realize that it was a real battle. He had been stranded into Edo-era. Since the time, he has not found any ways to come back, he has to familiarize himself as an Edo-man also as the doctor with limited equipments.

The story is really amazing. First sight, it would be like a taiga-drama, it was not. High recommended to watch!

Well, in 17th April, the season 2 of JIN has been airing. Because in the first season, the ending has no any conclusion for Jin, so the 2nd one has been made.

I have not watched this 2nd season, so I took this from a forum:
JIN season 2
It has been two years since Minakata Jin went back in time to the closing days of the Tokugawa shogunate. One day, Sakamoto Ryoma arrives from Kyoto to seek Jin’s help. Ryoma says Katsu Kaishu’s mentor, Sakuma Shozan, has been attacked by a group of samurai warriors, called the Shinsengumi, and is near death. However, Sakuma survives because of Jin’s fervent treatment. As a troubled Jin worries that his treatments may change the course of history, Sakuma tells him, “Save people without hesitation!” After that, Jin who had been treating the injuries of the people, is taken away by the Shinsengumi and asked to give Saigo Kichinosuke (later known as Saigo Takamori) medical attention, but … …

Akh~ I've ready to watch! but I have no any links yet~


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