Friday, April 8, 2011

Matsushita Yuya, a different style of Jpop singer!

Jpop has it's own style and almost all Jpop singers and groups are in that style! Not only style of the song, they even have their own style in costumes and music video. You know, the costumes they wear are always resplendent with various colors! Try to listen a Jpop song, then you listen to a Kpop or American one, you will find Jpop style. It's more like enka or something, I can't give any explanation for this. I think you've to find it by yourselves.
Have a look at the dress, Jpop singer and Kpop singer are in different style

Resplendent costumes of Jpop
Kpop style
What about the songs? Compare both of these songs:

Well, have you got the differences?
Matsushita Yuya is a Jpop singer, but he has a different style of Jpop, even the MV and costumes. It's like s Kpop singer sings some translated songs with a very very good Japanese pronunciation. He actually studied in New York then debuted in 2008 under Epic label.

Born in Kobe on May 24, 1990, Yuya Matsushita was raised by his mother and grandmother. As a sixth grader in 2002, Matsushita decided to pursue a career in music, enrolling in Caless Vocal & Dance School. Around 9th grade, despite clashing with his mother regarding his future plans, a visit to New York City strengthened his determination to become an artist. He met with producer Jin Nakamura who presented him with the song "foolish foolish". The filming for the single also took place in New York, after being signed to Epic Records.
In 2009, Yuya Matsushita had his stage debut as Sebastian Michaelis in the Kuroshitsuji Musical. His single, Trust Me was used as the first ED (ending theme) in the Durarara anime, and peaked at 10 in the weekly Oricon charts.
In 2010, Matsushita's single "Bird" was used as the ending theme for the second season of the Kuroshitsuji anime.
In 2011, his single "Paradise" was used as the theme song for the drama Quartet. He was announced as the first guest for MusicFest at Fanime. (source: wiki)
Some videos of him, please look at them carefully

Written by: Fake Eli_kim


You are mistaken. J-pop style is more diverse than kpop. There are really pop singers s.a. kat-tun, arashi, news, akb48, etc. Some are pop-r&b singers s.a. yuya matsushita, daichi miura, EXILE, mamoru miyano, chemistry, kumi koda, etc. Others are r&b/rap singers s.a. Da Pump, SoulJa, SEAMO, heartsdale, hilcrhyme, etc. They all have very different style but still can be summed into one word -> "J-Pop"

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