Saturday, April 30, 2011

ANT came to Korean Summer Day Festival at Dae Jang Geum Restaurant

Hi, this is Fake Eli’s coming back for you guys to report something important. Well, I just home from a all fandom gathering at Dae Jang Geum Restaurant. I came with Jokwon, Alexander, Nickkun, Onew, and Changmin. Sadly, G-Dragon and TOP could not come because they have an event must be attended.  Ehehe, I, Xander-hyung, and Jokwon-hyung came at 2p.m. but we were not allowed to enter the room because the Open Gate was at 3p.m.

We were so boring waiting for almost an hour…  there was only what we can do… give some advertisement about ANTeladan Blog Competition to other guests… hehehe and we did it!
Because of that strange thing, we got a lot of new friends, but almost all of them are ELF of Super Junior. Xander-hyung and I just thinking about Matsushita Yuya because right now we are in the center of Japan Korea circle… hehehe… We feel little bit bored with!

Finally the gate was opened. Started by some cover-dances from the commission… or Aikei, I’m not sure.. well, they are male but they danced some girlband’s dance such as Madonna, Chu~, Trouble..Trouble…Trouble… eh?? And also Abracadabra!! What a shameful! But keep applause for their hardwork hohoho

The opening meal came including kimchi, and 2 more food that I don’t know the name…
Well yeah, the gathering was not bigger and better that before, and we found a lot of K-pop dancers. And, you know, we had to eat by sharing for 8 persons… fortunately we came together… if we didn’t I think we had to share food with other strange people…
But, well we were so happy, thanks to UKLI as well :D

Cassie are taking picture together holding a fan balloon

The dancer are doing rehearsal

Still preparing for the event

Eating the opening meal while watching a performance

Look at the people, Kpop has been spread in Jogja

What a great covering dance


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