Friday, April 29, 2011

Talking About New Action Figures

MC    : Hi! Long time no see! I was very busy, but I’ve done everything and I’m coming for you my lovely viewers (actually readers). Well,  a week ago, our fake Eli went to somewhere to do something! Ouh, full of secrets! But I’m appearing here to reveal all of them! We will ask fake Eli! Follow me guys!
Ilai! Eli! Wait a minute!

Fake Eli    : Eh, hi MC, long time no see! O genki desu ka?

MC    : Ah, you know, I would ask them all, but you asked me first…  Well, hontou ni genki desu! What about you, Eli?

Fake Eli    : Yeah, me too. Ah, sorry, I’ve to go… very busy right now…

MC    : Ah, wait. Give me about 5 minutes, please..?

Fake Jokwon : Hi MC! We’re very busy right now. If you wanna do an interview, please come tomorrow…

MC    : EH… I can’t! Okay, I just wanna ask about where was Eli?

Fake Eli    : Ah, last week I went to somewhere I can’t tell you, it was a business trip actually…

MC    : Okay, what did you do there?

Fake Eli    : Yea, kind of… em… it was a business trip… but I got a special gift!

MC    : What’s that?

Fake Eli    : A set of Full Metal Alchemist’s figure and Death Note as well.

MC    : EHH?? Can you give us the photos?

Fake Jokwon    : Ah, Eli, you didn’t say anything about this before… Let me see your new collections!

Fake Eli    : Yea yea…I’ll send them to your email, well, I don’t have more time, bye…

MC    : Byee…thanks!  Ah, viewers, they are so busy for preparing their upcoming event, ABC aka ANTeladan Blog Competition 2011… Please support them and that event! Come and join to participate! All right, maybe that’s all for today’s breaking news, bye…


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