Thursday, April 7, 2011

ANT Will Have A New Plan for Their Next Activity

Well, actually, this rumor has not clarified yet. 
ANT have some annual programs and this is the second semester of Heisei #2. The time left is not much anymore for them. After this July, their would be very very busy of preparing national exam. After holding a big competition and festival in last March, Heisei #2 is still have a duty to hold a ex-tern festival or we called it "Bunkasai". A few days ago, heard that they would change Bunkasai into a competition. But it has not been decided yet. 
The second one, ANT maybe would end their oldest program, "Fake Pops in Seoul". After Arirang closed their Pops in Seoul Special U-Kiss every Wednesday, they also decided to end their fake program. But seems, they will introduce a new program for ANTeladan Official Interface Blog.
For more information, we are going to interview Heisei #2 today, so keep update!


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