Saturday, April 23, 2011

[Movie] Five Minarets in New York

The film follows two anti-terror officers from Istanbul, sent to New York to find and bring back a Turkish religious leader, codenamed Dajjal, who was arrested in the United States and who will be delivered to Turkish authorities by the FBI. The film emphasizes Islamic paranoia of the world and the United States after September 11 attacks, seeking to answer the question of whether innocence or guilt even matters to one who lusts for vengeance. source.

A kind man, named Haji (Haluk Bilginer) is caught by FBI. He is accused as a terrorist leader. Because of this, Turkey sends two members of anti-terror (Acar and Firat) to USA to bring Haji back and trial him as the leader of terrorist.  Marcus, a good friend of Haji saves him from the police and brings Haji out of the country. The police constantly searching Haji, a lot of the members hate Muslims because of the 11st September accident. But one of them said that not all Muslims, it’s just a community that made the accident. Haji, which has got a save place with Marcus finally said that he want to surrender even he never did anything includes terror or even kill someone.
Firat and Acar find Haji first, after a while talking and know more about Haji, they realize that they have caught a kind person, it’s false, not Haji who must be caught. They even surprise while knowing that Maria (Haji’s wife) is a Christian. Haji said that faith cannot be forced (super high tolerant).

But, finally, FBI find Haji and send him to Turkey. But a while after Haji was caught, Turkey’s police get a violent video from the terrorist group. Finally they can catch the leader of the group and Haji is released.  Haji and Maria, companied by Acar and Firat are going to Haji’s mom. After Haji meets his mom, he is shot by Firat’s grandfather who though that Haji was the one who killed his son.  Acar also shot Firat’s grandfather. They die, but Haji is always being in their heart as a really kind man they ever meet.

Well, it’s the review of this movie. I like this movie so much because it shows about high tolerant as human who live in a same world. We also cannot think negative to others.



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