Sunday, January 20, 2013


Today we got a great news! Two of our members were won at 2nd and 5th place on a competition held by MGMP Bahasa Jepang DIY-JATENG.
Congratulation for Devi Anggita (Heisei #3) and Clara Cinda I K (Heisei #4) for the winning
Here the status update on our official facebook page:
Minnasan, konbanwa!!!
Kyou wa tokubetsudatteba yo!!

Taking place in SMAN 3 Yogyakarta, Bunkasai 2013 -an annual Japan Festival- was held by the MGMP Bahasa Jepang DIY-Jateng. This morning, some of ANT's member joined some of the competitions. 16 various members from heisei #3 to heisei #5 joined various competition including LCC (quiz contest), Kanji competition, Kana competition and Manga Fresh competition and fought hundreads of participants from Yogyakarta and Central Java. Minna ga ganbatta da yo!

 At the end, our Devi Anggita from heisei #3 took on second place of Kanji competition and Clara Cinde I K from heisei #4 placed on the fifth at Manga Fresh competition. They had beaten hundreads of brilliant opponents.
Omedetou gozaimasu, Devi-senpai, Cinde-chan!!

We're so proud of you not just for the two winners, but for all of our members who joined the competition. You guys all were competing bringing the name of ANTeladan with all of your ability, capability, and competences, so that we want to give you a big appreciation. We hope ANTeladan will always be the leader in both of inspiration and global spirit, because we learn and we share for me, for you, for SMA N 1 Yk, and for Indonesia. Ganbatte ne, minna-san!

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