Sunday, July 8, 2012

Just another Heisei#2 post

Hi. This is Fake Eli just coming back from a long long journey... (do not ask where did I go, yo!)
Well, here I just wanna say thanks to all of our BIG FAMILY of All Nation Teenagers for your hardwork.

We proudly announce that we...Heisei#2 has been graduated from SMA Negeri 1 Yogyakarta.
We had experience those uncomfortable times as the grade XII student for about a year. That was so hard when we must wake up very early in almost every morning, got into the '0' class before the school's started, study hard everyday, went to some adding classes, less sleep, and many more which were so hard just in case of passing the National Examination. More importantly, being accepted by our own chosen-university.

That was just a part of our preliminary competition in life, we know that enough. We'll soon enter something new in life, habits, and so on. 
With those all of our hardwork, we once more proudly announce that we've been accepted in Indonesian well-known universities.

Here we are: (do not forget to use 'Fake' before you read our name)
Jokwon - Japanese Literature @UGM >>uoh, jokwon-sensei~~
Alexander - Biology @UGM
Isak - Mathematics @UGM
Nickkhun - Medicine @UNS
Onew - Agricultural Technology @UGM
and so on.. 

(Wanna see us? Just visit us at our campus...hahahaha!)

Special thanks for our lovely Prima-sensei which been a good-mother for Kenta-kun and continue to support us always since we're still working as active member of ANT, held some festivals and events, and become a controversial group (I do not know exactly what is about).
Special thanks to our beloved Heisei #3 & heisei #4 who'd been working so hard to bring ANT up, make us more famous, and many more.

For Heisei#3, this is the hard time for ya all is coming...
The last year of you as a high-school student. Do not ever everything you've been experienced together at ANT. Hope ya all get all of the best because God will always bless you with all of His mighty...


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