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[Anime] Beelzebub

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Beelzebub (べるぜバブ, Beruzebabu?)  is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Ryūhei Tamura that serializes in Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine. Beelzebub  was first published as a one-shot by Tamura in Weekly Shōnen Jump's 2008 volume 37-38, where it won the fourth Gold Future Cup,then it was serialized on the same magazine starting in its thirteenth volume in 2009. An OVA produced by Pierrot+ was shown during the Jump Super Anime Tour in October 2010,followed by a TV anime series which began airing in Japan on January 9, 2011.

A brat known as Tatsumi Oga has just taken down a gang which hates him so much. He was laughing out loud just like a demon ‘akuma’. Suddenly! He saw an old man floating in the river coming near then, the old man’s body was divided! A green hair naked baby boy was coming out and starting attach Oga because he likes violence thing which done by Oga.

Like what the CM on Animax said, “the BOY, the BABY, and the BEAUTY”, finally, the beauty was coming and she is definitely Hildagarda, the babysitter. She was cold with undoubted power since she is an akuma too. She told Oga that the baby he was carrying is Berubo (the youngest child of Demon Lord, Beelzebub). The King was too busy with all schedule he had (actually all is about gambling and playing machine games), in order to destroy the human world, he sent Berubo to human world and commanded to looking for Berubo’s human parent, obviously, Oga was the one chosen since he had such a great power and the important one is… he is EVIL.

So much far from nurturing an ordinary baby, Berubo would create an incredible and deadly static electric in every crying he had. Since those days, Oga’s life is quite more fantastic. His family was in shock (excessive style) since Oga brought a baby home and Hilda who asked to stay in Oga’s house too (for Berubo sake indeed). Ah! One more akuma who is also coming, Alaindelon, the old man! He was the dimensional akuma though. He can move something including human or akuma from one place to another by inserting those things into his body.

Oga was surrounded by various evil gangs because of his power moreover he’s a junior in Ishiyama High School.  The challenges are coming day by day from Kanzaki’s gang, Himekawa’s, Kunieda’s, even Toujou’s (former strongest in Ishiyama before defeated by Oga). Much more LOL awaits, almost of the characters are fool and make us crying because of too much laughing. This manga and anime are highly recommended for you who haven’t either read or watch yet.
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